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Snorkel Software is dedicated to delivering cost effective customized business solution. This is our “Custom Difference.” Our team can understand your business and work with you to understand your business requirements and needs. Snorkel Software specialises in developing innovative and money saving solutions which will to help drive your business forward.​

Providing customized business solutions for your business

We solve business problems with solutions that create results. We work hard to deliver these solutions in ways that make it easy for our customers to do business with us. Snorkel Software excels at the rapid implementation of technical solutions allowing us to deliver immediate value to our clients.  

Snorkel Software works with you to develop a solution to suit your individual business situation.... Numerous companies have gone through the hassle of implementing an off the shelf solution for business. These solutions require you to change your business to suit the way the software operates, or if the software provider allows it make costly and timely changes to the application. Snorkel Software has worked with its customers to develop its Customizable Business Operating System (CBOS).   

CBOS is exactly what is stands for, a customizable business operating system. A system which you the client can determine how it operates..CBOS is a rapid development platform which is customized to the individual requirements of each client. Customizations are completed quickly and cost effectively.   

We specialise in working with you to develop a solution that suits your business. For further details or a demonstration of our CBOS contact us on 0402 609 769.